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Teaching In Bush Alaska: How It Will Make You A Badass

When I first walked into the school, I was pleasantly surprised. It was not the dirty, poorly-equipped bush school I had expected. The building had newly carpeted floors throughout, fresh paint, a SmartBoard in every classroom, a fully stocked teacher workroom (something East Coast teachers only dream about!) and even a break room with free…

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Teaching ESL Abroad In Ecuador

While I was in my M.A. program in 2017, I volunteered in an intensive field-service course teaching ESL (TEFL) in the Henry David Orphanage in Conocoto, Ecuador, on the outskirts of the capital, Quito. When I scroll through the pictures today, I still smell the green mountain rain through the cloudy bus window, the summer scents in…

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About Me: What The Hell Am I Doing In Bush Alaska?

Right now, it is about 8pm on a Tuesday in May, Alaskan Time. Now is the time of year that the sun stops going down, so it really only looks about 2pm. I can expect it will look like this until about 11pm tonight, which means it’s gonna be tough to fall asleep again with…

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