So you want to see the world, huh?

Maybe you...

       - are a fresh college grad
       - are in-between jobs
       - are actually a certified teacher tired of subbing
       - want to give your résumé an impressive boost
       - just want to travel 

Either way, you want to climb mountains in China, see the beaches of Dubai, and motorbike through Thailand

"Sounds cool," everyone says, "but how are you going to afford it?"

Ah, money. That darned thing.​​​


Countries all over the world are clamoring to hire native English speakers to teach
their younger generations the leading language of the STEM field.

And they are so desperate, they will even hire you—
yes, you with your completely unrelated degree and zero experience.

All you need is:

       - A bachelor’s degree (in literally any field)
       - A passport
       - And to be fluent in English.​

Obviously, there's a lot of unknown when it comes to getting your first job teaching ESL.


Where do you start the job hunt?
If you don't have time to research, how can you avoid being scammed?
What if you don't have the credentials to be taken seriously?
Do you need to go back to school?

That's why I came up with Rhode Trippers,
an informational site dedicated to helping people achieve their dreams of
financially-stable, long-term travel through teaching English abroad.

Hi, by the way, I'm Kenz, 
my students call me Ms. Kenz. 

- ​I have a B.A. in English, an M.A. in Teaching, plus one other degree somewhere...
- I've taught ESL in Ecuador across 7 grades
- Am currently teaching 2nd grade in bush Alaska
- And tend to pick up other odd titles wherever I work such as the art liaison for my building, elected member of my school's leadership committee, and content reviewer of our district's art curriculum 

What The Hell Am I Doing In The Bush 4
This isn't some fake "how to make a million dollars while traveling the world" pitch.

Our free products provide a step-by-step guide on how to secure a realistic job

that will financially support your travels.


They're written by an actual, certified teacher (with a master's degree!).

Who is actually teaching abroad (well, Alaska right now).

Who actually went through the same hiring process (3 times!).

You don't need a teaching license.
You don't need to go back to school.
You don't have to get scammed.


You can do this, let me show you how.​


Info on trustworthy recruiters


Completing the application


Writing a demo lesson


Building your credentials

Accredited online TEFL certifications


Preparing for the interview


Gathering international paperwork


Checking over the contract, and more!

Free email course on how to get a teaching job abroad

Our free 5-day email course will walk you
through the application process

Our 35-page complimentary eBook will introduce you to the best international teacher-placement programs for new educators.

Free eBook on top TEFL programs for teaching abroad
Free webinar on how to prepare for a Skype interview to teach English abroad

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Our free webinar on preparing for an international Skype interview.

Get the bundle!
"Top TEFL Programs" eBook
"Get A Job Abroad In 5 Days" course
"Mock Interview" webinar- Coming Soon!

Free bundle on how to get a job teaching ESL abroad/ TEFL/ TESL/ TESOL

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Travel the world while making making money, free email course, TEFL
Travel the world while making making money, free email course, TEFL
Travel the world while making making money, free email course, TEFL