So you just got hired for you first job teaching English abroad. Congrats!
Or you're serious about applying, and want to be prepared.
Or maybe you've thought about doing it, but you've never taught before.

Either way, the seed has been planted.


You know by now that if you're a native English speaker,
you can teach English as a foreign language (TEFL) in almost any country,
without a teaching degree. 

Think about that.

Living in a country most people only vacation to.
Making a solid pay check while having summers off.
And teaching something you already know


But wait.


Remember, sooner or later, you're going to wind up...

  • thousands of miles from home
  • in the front of a classroom
  • full of babbling, energetic children 
  • waiting to be taught a lesson 
  • and have absolutely no idea what the hell you're doing.

And that's what Rhode Trippers is for.

Hi, by the way, I'm Kenz, 
my students call me Ms. Kenz. 

- ​I have a B.A. in English, an M.A. in Teaching, plus one other degree somewhere...
- I've taught ESL in Ecuador across 7 grades
- Am currently teaching 2nd grade in bush Alaska
- And tend to pick up other odd titles wherever I work such as the art liaison for my building, elected member of my school's leadership committee, and content reviewer of our district's art curriculum 

What The Hell Am I Doing In The Bush 4

You see, there's about 1 million bloggers out there, all selling the same information:
apply. skype interview. demo lesson plan. plane ticket. 


While that's great to know, what about the actual job?


That's why our free products combine
my graduate-level knowledge and professional experience
to hold your hand through the hardest part of TEFL—
actually teaching.

I’ve been a first-year teacher. I’ve been abroad. I’ve done the student teaching, the certification courses, the observations, and the interviews.

And let me tell you—it is hard!


But, despite that, getting a job teaching English abroad is still your best bet to see the world.​


Take the First Step.


Intro to behavior management


Lesson planning




Setting up a classroom

Prepping materials 


Establishing a "teaching persona"


Finding free, online lesson plans


Working with a co-teacher, and more!

Free email course on getting ready for your first job teaching English abroad

Our free 7-day email course will walk you
through your first week in the classroom

Our 20-page complimentary eBook
will show you resources for
180 days of free, printable curriculum
across 4 subjects
for all elementary grades, K-5.

Free eBook on free ESL curriculums for teaching abroad
Free webinar on how to read an ESL curriculum book for new teachers abroad

Coming Soon!
Our free webinar book-walkthrough on dissecting multi-tiered curriculums. 

Get the bundle!
"Teaching Without A Curriculum" eBook
"Your First Week" course
"How To Read A Curriculum" webinar- Coming Soon!

Free bundle for new ESL teachers abroad/ TEFL/ TESL/ TESOL

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Your first week TEFL abroad, free email course
Your first week TEFL abroad, free email course
Your first week TEFL abroad, free email course