Making money while traveling?

That's TEFL.

How's your first year of teaching ESL abroad going?

Honestly, if it's not as amazing as you thought it would be, don't feel ungrateful.


The truth is, when most people decide on teaching ESL abroad, they only picture the weekends.

Going on exotic trips, touring the country, meeting up with new friends...

but when they actually get there, they realize they forgot about the other 5 days of the week-

their job. 


However, if you can figure out how to make the job work for you,

you can reap the unbeatable, irreplaceable benefits

and have the time of your life.


Being authentically immersed in a foreign culture,

having guaranteed holidays, weekends, and summers off,

taking international trips on the long weekends...


BUT, a lot of people don't realize how intense teaching really is,

and then combining a lack of experience with a lack of English support in the school.. 

it scares a lot of people off.

(Seriously, turnover rates are at about 50% for international teachers globally.)


The good news is that, like all professions, you learn how to do it.

If you're having a bad year, it's NOT because you're not cut out for it,

it's because you need to learn to be better.


Rhode Trippers is here to show you how.

Hi, by the way, I'm Kenz, 
my students call me Ms. Kenz. 

- ​I have a B.A. in English, an M.A. in Teaching, plus one other degree somewhere...
- I've taught ESL in Ecuador across 7 grades
- Am currently teaching 2nd grade in bush Alaska
- And tend to pick up other odd titles wherever I work such as the art liaison for my building, elected member of my school's leadership committee, and content reviewer of our district's art curriculum 

What The Hell Am I Doing In The Bush 4

If you did any research on the field of TEFL prior to accepting your current position,

(which I'm sure you did)

you probably found that most informational resources show you how to get a job abroad,

and then leave you hanging when it really counts-

actually teaching


In my opinion, teaching ESL abroad is the best job in the world.

(How many other jobs let you live in a vacation destination while making a serious paycheck?!)

However, inexperience and a lack of support can essentially ruin the whole experience

and deflate your ambition to try to again. 


The goal of this site is to share my experience and graduate-level knowledge with new teachers abroad

to help them become better educators and hence fully appreciate and take advantage of the

life-changing experience that TEFL offers. 


Don't give up yet. 


Time-saving prep tips


TEFL certificate upgrades


Must-know CELTA advice 


Accredited online teaching degrees

DIY online teaching portfolio


Staying competitive in the field


Finding free, online lesson plans


Behavior management tips, and more!

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Working abroad as a an ESL teacher, free email course on cutting down prep time!
Working abroad as a an ESL teacher, free email course on cutting down prep time!
Working abroad as a an ESL teacher, free email course on cutting down prep time!